"What Makes Us Different"

Principal's Welcome Message

I am absolutely delighted to welcome you to the Australian International School Pakistan (AISP). Our campus is located in Canal View, Lahore. We are a private independent school that provides learning opportunities to students from grades Foundation to Year 6. AIS pride itself in being the first international school in Pakistan to offer the Australian standard of education to its students. The Australian education system is recognized globally as one of the best for its inquiry-based learning. Utilizing this framework in our classrooms will promote a learning environment that is enriched, dynamic and innovative.

Our vision & mission

AIS strives to create a school environment that optimises student learning in all aspects; emotionally, socially and cognitively. Through an inquiry-based curriculum, students are encouraged to be active learners where they can extend, enrich and achieve academic and creative excellence. Building partnerships with families together with extracurricular activities will contribute to the holistic development of each child.


AIS strives to create a school environment that is nurturing, safe and supportive. It seeks to instil in students the joy of learning, to become active learners and risk takers so they are better equipped to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world. We will foster academic and creative excellence through a rigorous curriculum and passionate staff. Extracurricular programs together with the collaboration with families will allow for the development of well-rounded individuals who are confident, intelligent, innovative and compassionate


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