News & Events

Robotics at Summer Camp 2023
Our robotics activity sparks curiosity and creativity as campers delve into the exciting realm of robotics. Guided by experts, they embark on hands-on challenges, and constructing their own robotic masterpieces. The robotics activity at our summer camp is a thrilling journey that ignites a passion for STEM and empowers our young minds to shape the future through cutting-edge exploration!
Pakistan Day Celebrations
"Proudly celebrating Pakistan Day: Honoring our past, embracing our present, and building a better future together."
Kashmir Solidarity Day
AIS students participated in different activities in observance of Kashmir Solidarity Day. This day is commemorated each year as a symbol of our unity with the people of Kashmir.
AIS Scholarship Test
Australian International School conducted a scholarship test for grades KG-II to Class-IV students. A great opportunity for students to show their skills to avail up to 100% scholarship and get enrolled in the first and only Australian School in Pakistan.
Australian day celebrations at AIS
Here are some glimpses of our Australia Day celebrations. With joy and happiness, we celebrated Australian Day at Australian International School-Pakistan.
AIS staff tour to the Walled City!
Starting with a traditional Lahori breakfast, the team explored the history and heritage of the ancient walled city area of Lahore. It was very informative, entertaining and a delightful tour.
Our students dressed up in different shades of blue participated in deliberately planned activities which enabled the little ones not only to have fun but also enhanced their creative, logical and reasoning minds. Blue Day was an amazing learning experience for children and they enjoyed the activities with immense enthusiasm and zeal.
12 Rabi-Ul-Awal
A Milad programme was held at AIS to remember the teachings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Students got to know about different aspects of the divine life our beloved Prophet lived. We all must take inspiration from the greatest server of mankind. The secret to a successful life lies in following his path.
Swimming at Summer Camp 2023
Dive into a world of aquatic adventures at our school's summer camp! Our swimming activity is a splashing success, where campers embrace the joy of water and build their confidence in the pool. Under the guidance of experienced instructor, they learn essential swimming techniques and safety skills while making unforgettable memories with their friends.
Global Hand-washing Day
We are highly thankful to one of our esteemed parents, Dr. Amina Amir for accepting our invitation to show our students the proper medical way of washing hands and getting rid of all the germs on the occasion of Global Hand Washing Day.
A Tour To Nazrya Pakistan Trust library
Exploring the past to shape our future! Australian International School arranged an enlightening study tour for its students to Nazrya Pakistan Trust library. History came alive as we uncovered the legacy of Quaid-e-Azam, deepening our understanding of the nation's roots. An unforgettable day of discovery, where the past came to life, inspiring dreams for a brighter future